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The water shimmers, reflecting flashes of light into my eyes as I wade into the sea. The bright blue water mimics the sky, waves lap gently at my waist. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it was the height of summer, but the fact that my toes have gone completely numb tell me otherwise

It’s late February and here I am, changing into my swimsuit for a sea swim in water only a couple of degrees warmer than required for ice swimming competitions – 7.2°C to exact, measured by a thermometer snuggled inside the swimsuit of fellow swimmer Janice, a member of the Facebook group that led me here.

The Folkestone Sea Swimmers group on Facebook has 43 members at time of writing, and was set up by Bridget in October last year. She has never been a fan of pool swimming, “I find them so stuffy and I can’t stand that smell of chlorine. Getting changed afterwards, everything sticks to you.”

Growing up in East Africa, she has been swimming for as long as she can remember. Six years ago she left London for a quieter life by the sea after being diagnosed with cancer and began sea swimming locally…

This article featured on Thryve in March 2018 – you can read the full article here – Nature’s Elixir by Leanne Downs, Thryve

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